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  1. I am not finding anything that can be downloaded at any of the links in the previous pages. Can someone throw me a bone here?
  2. My girls are HATING maths, mostly due to my DH's "teaching". Unfortunately, I can do it all, so I need to find something to replace Singapore. I'm looking into JUMP and I think it will really work for them, but more importantly, HIM. The girls are at the point that they feel bad about themselves and so I completely stopped maths until we get the JUMP materials. I have downloaded the TG's and it looks like a decent program. This is the 2009 updated version.
  3. I EAT MINE with an egg and salt. It is amazing how easy it is to eat it without sweetner if you add salt. I also only eat steel cut (Coach's) but we're quickly running out of our stash. I might seriously have to have a mule bring us some Coach's. Try steel cut and go with salt instead of sweet. Also try with PB or almonds.
  4. We use christian book discount (CBD) (even though we are atheist, we can find decent books there) - they have excellent shipping prices and even though MANY mailings go "missing" here (Mexico), CBD shipments have always (knock wood) arrived. But we do go to the US once a year and can stock up then (we didn't last year and are scrambling now). Ok, I just saw that the bookdepository ships to Belize and they're only 4 hours away. Now, I'll DEFINITELY take a look at their website. Do you have friends in neighboring countries that can hold an order for you?
  5. bad link. And wow. lots of cookies you'd like to establish. I have Pear but it was free. Not sure what you're giving away.
  6. From what I remember when researching this, Dawn dish detergent was the most recommended. the flea shampoos are really toxic and work as well (nor not even as well) as Dawn. Bathe daily and make sure to immerse the dogs (the fleas will drown and crawl to their heads (dry land) so make sure you get good immersion). Frontline only works on fleas that bite the dog. I really think daily baths are the best way to go and put the kids to work on picking the fleas off the dogs.
  7. I can't understand your worry. You believe in the power and worth of vaccinations, and your kids are vaccinated, how exactly are the unvaccinated kids endangering yours?
  8. I swam competitively as a kid (you know, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth AAU swimming - some 40 years ago) and we did dry land, weights, 2x practices a day and IIRC, our yardage was around 4-5000yd/practice.
  9. Put me here. I have no need to believe in anyone's god and as such have no need for a religion. I'm very happy without any gods to worship and have no need to believe in anything. Not sure if there is any higher power and really don't care if there are any.
  10. apples, oranges and grapefruit yes, but our oranges are bitter oranges andused in cooking. I'm thinking fruit day will be a bust with just grapefruit and apples. :)
  11. I am interested in this diet but I wonder if I can get some inside information about it. I live in Mexico and we just don't have access to the same fruits as you guys do. Is watermellon, mango, guayaba, pineapple, papaya, banana all ok? Is it possible to do this without any dairy (I'm allergic to dairy) and finally, I exercise a decent amount - burn 500-600 calories a day. Would this diet be doable with that workout load? I've been on a weightloss plateau for 6 months and I'm just looking to shake up my metabolism - not to really diet.
  12. So You Really Want To Learn Spanish.
  13. I've been doing this for a while with mine (14, 13, 9 and 7). It has defnitely helped the boys (older ones) to be doing formal Spanish study at the same time. It is REALLY hard though (for me) and it is really hard to have heart-to-heart talks and talk emotionally to them. I just took a couple days off (English only) and felt SO GUILTY for speaking English. :)
  14. Has anyone used this curricula? it is by the author of Destinos and looks pretty good. Right now we're using Destinos streaming shows, Sr. Jason YouTube videos and the SYRWTLS book. I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed with SYRWTLS. I've only gotten to the 2nd chapter, but the vocabulary is very "schoolish" and I really am not getting the lessons. I'm fluent so it isn't an issue of not understanding. Also, it is very "Spanish" and not real world language. We live in MExico and NO-ONE talks the way the kids are learning via SYRWTLS. Here is a sample chapter of Sol y Viento...I need
  15. We do it exactly the same way. We take just enough clothing for the first couple days as we don't have cold weather clothes here (especially for the kids, who have outgrown them in a years time) and we buy at Goodwill. We also max out our luggage on return - we can bring back 12 pieces - and at least 3 will be absolutely JAMMED with books. We also get all our luggage at a thriftstore. We have taken empty pieces back home on ocassion and nested - didn't throw any flags for us. Have a great visit!
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