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  1. We live in Mexico but I'm having my kids do Duolingo to get basic Spanish spelling down and vocabulary. I HATE the translations. They are stiff and not how we talk here (Mexico).
  2. If one happened to live in a land of no coconut oil (processed) but surrounded by coconut trees, what would be the best method of acquiring said oil, or would making coconut milk (we just use a blender with coco meat and water) do? Any idea how much coco oil in freshly made milk?
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this post! I've been holding off on ordering anything, just LOATHE to do science after the RS4K fail last year and this looks GREAT for my girls! Thank you again!
  4. My #2 was like this for MANY years - I remember the ENTIRE house was afraid of him - even his grandparents - of this little toddler. About 5 or 6 years of age he began to mellow. Now that he is in puberty, we've been dealing with it for a year or more again and I figure we will be for a while and then he'll mellow only to have it reappear in his 40s (but by then he should have someone else to hold his hand :)). My #3 was like this but in a different way, she cried her way all the way from age 4 to age 6. It was CONSTANT. OMG I thought she'd die of tears. But we kept at it and supporti
  5. He does the shopping, cooks, takes the kid to school and picks him up, does the laundry, dishes and reads to the girls (I homeschool the boy and girls). It is a bit of a sore point because if it were me I'd be doing MUCH more than he does, but there you have it.
  6. You know I really don't think it is an issue of being "blessed". We parent our kids with respect. We get respect back. It seems pretty simple to me. They are always allowed to say "no" and have a voice in family decisions. I've not had the horrifically rebelling teen nor the destructive teen - IMO, because they dont' NEED to go there. They know they are respected and heard and are not stifled to "obey". I dunno. Maybe I'm really lucky or it is all coincidental that we've raised them this way and they're turning out the way they are. I would tend to believe it is the way they're rai
  7. You know, I don't have grown children but I do have 4 of widely differing temperaments and I have never punished them nor needed to. We have always treated them with respect (except for a few slip-ups that we admitted to and apologized for) and when conflict arises we work TOGETHER to find a solution. Now it is entirely possible that the 16yo, the 14yo, the 11yo and the almost 9yo will magically change (and the jury IS still out on the girls :) and puberty) but I honestly don't see the need for such heavy handed parenting - ESPECIALLY in our family.
  8. I just wanted to throw this out to you all - not everyone with a physical presence in one country yet a mailing address in another is scamming. Mail simply Does Not Arrive here in Mexico and furthermore the US govn't requires a legal US address. We live in Mexico but all our mail is sent to South Dakota, to a business dedicated to accepting and forwarding mail to those without fixed addresses (mainly RVers but also expats like us). So my ISP might say CANCUN but anything I order from HSC goes to South Dakota.
  9. This is too funny! Yes, I'd put on a bra (if I could find one - if not cami with a shelf bra) and load the coffeepot. No dishwasher here. :) I *might* brush my hair. :)
  10. I am not finding anything that can be downloaded at any of the links in the previous pages. Can someone throw me a bone here?
  11. broccoli and fish um, none? don't wear shoes. Srsly. The thriftstore is our first stop when we get back to the US.
  12. oh baby that's a loaded one for sure. :) They do run the gamut here in Mexico. In ex-pat areas you will find toilet seats and paper but not always. We always bring our own paper. Sometimes running water, sometimes flush with a bucket.
  13. I live with coconut trees and we only drink the water (it is called leche - milk but it is the clear liquid - water) from green cocos. Brown cocos yuck. No water but the meat is good. If you get a green coco and the meat is somewhat slimy (not hard) that is the best of all. But truthfully, the coco water has like NO taste at all. We use the coco water for electrolye replacement down here.
  14. We have done 3, 5 and 6/7 but I just get the books and read them aloud (or assign reading) and as things come up in the books we'll have on-the-spot discussions. But I find no need to test my kids and would rather have a discussion with them than have them answer a page of questions. We are VERY secular and LOVE Sonlight. I just don't buy the "goddy" books.
  15. I saw a huge group of squid on my swim today. Normally it is just tropical fish a ray or baracuda but I don't regularly see squid. We've got a tropical storm (karl) offshore so that could be another reason. Oh and the best thing is yet ANOTHER sharkless day! :) Um, I'm going to have to change my answer. My girls just came to get me to run to the beach for a nest hatching (turtles). Pretty cool.
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