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First Grade Language Arts


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This is our first year using WTM methods. Last year for reading I used Sing, Spell, Read, Write. It worked very well with teaching her to read short vowel words and the basics of handwriting. I have the 1st grade edition as well and we worked on it off and on through out the summer. It reviewed all the short vowels and now we are entering into long vowels, letter clusters, etc. It has a lot of handwriting, spelling etc. So my question is how do I integrate this with the language arts in WTM. I have purchased Handwriting Without Tears, First Language Lessons, Writing With Ease, and Spelling Workout A; but obviously, if she does all this on top of what I have her doing in SSRW she'll be burned out. I am thinking of just not having her do as much of the writing in SSRW, doing the Handwriting w/o tear and first language lessons. Does this sound like enough, too much, just right? Thanks.

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Your WTM purchased as listed will cover everything but reading. Can you use SSWR for only reading?


Or you can use SSWR as written and add only FLL. (If it already includes handwriting and spelling).


As far as WWE - for first grade not reading on her own yet - I'd just do at least one narration a week based on your history or literature selections and pick a copy work passage. I would also not omit the narration and copywork assignments in FLL (if you get the previous edition). That way you do not bog her down with too much writing and reading when she's still learning all the mechanics.

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This is what I decided to do with my first grader -

I got FLL and Explode the Code for some "fun" work. Then I'm doing Writing with Ease for his writing portion. We're doing All About Spelling since I'm homeschooling two of his brothers too (it makes it easier to all do the same level, same program).

For more handwriting practice, I found tons of great handwriting printables online that are basically exactly what I found in Handwriting Without Tears. So I decided not to do Handwriting Without Tears afterall.



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I agree with a previous poster about using SSWR for reading/phonics only along with your other curricula. I don't have any experience with SSWR, but I've read that the program does have a lot of writing and the spelling is intense at that level. If you had to eliminate some of the other stuff, I would skip HWT and SWO and just use SSWR with FLL and WWE. Just my opinion.


This is what I have planned for language arts with my 1st grader:

Soaring w/ Spelling 1 - daily

FLL on M,W,F

WWE on T,R ( I combine two lessons into one, therefore we complete one week in 2 class days)

ETC alternating w/Adventures in Phonics- daily


I don't have any handwriting scheduled b/c he will have enough in the other curriculum.


HTH :)

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