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Directions for making screensavers of your art images


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Someone emailed me about how to do this, so I thought I would share just in case you didn't know how to do this. Here is my email:


Hi there! I found some of the images from Ambleside Online's artist study prints (yahoo group). I turned them into jpgs from pdfs using my Adobe Photoshop Elements.


I also found these images for Vermeer:


which also, incidentally, turn out great photos if you have them printed 8.5x11.


Actually, any images (preferably larger files) you find on the internet can be used. I just search for artist and them image (with Google) and then choose from larger files first. Since they are only showing on your computer, the quality doesn't have to be as high as it would if you were to print them. I save mine in a folder on my desktop called "screensavers." Then, I have a folder for each artist we are studying.


You can really do it for anything. We're studying the warlords of Japan right now. I could make a screensaver slideshow of various images from that period in Japan for reinforcement.


To make a screensaver in Windows Vista, you right click on your desktop, choose personalize, choose screensaver, choose photos, and then browse your desktop until you find the folder of photos you want to use.

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I know how to make screensavers and also have and use Adobe Photoshop Elements but never thought of making screensavers with images of what we are studying and especially artwork. Thank you so much for the idea :)! Still collecting your ideas and suggestions while trying to catch up on the forums. Oh, and thanks for the link too :D.

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I use whatever we are working on that the kids need to look at everyday - currently Curvsive Alphabets as a wallpaper on my PC desktop.

Sometimes I put up their weekly schedules too.

Any BMP or a JPEG can be used as a WallPaper.


It is the same way as the OP mentioned, but use the Desktop Tab on XP. Not sure what tab it is on Vista.

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