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Do you use R&S English?


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Relating them to state standards would be difficult. My guess would be that they cover some concepts that are never covered explicitly in a public school course of study. You would probably have to look at A Beka or BJUP to find another publisher who covers traditional grammar. I've never seen such a comaparison, though.


I personally don't find them that advanced. I think that maybe they teach things not always taught in other programs, but that doesn't mean they are advanced. I think the writing instruction is actually a bit delayed, though I don't think that is a bad thing.


I had never heard that they were advanced until a year or so ago on this board, when the trend with some became to use them a year behind. Everyone I know IRL (they are very popular around here) uses them at grade level with typical dc.


We have used grades 2-8.

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I don't consider them "advanced" per se. But, in comparison to Abeka, there is more diagramming and at a younger age. That said, I think that they are easier in 6th and 7th grade than Abeka.


Mostly it is just that many, many curriculums do not teach the parts of speech and diagramming in as much depth. They also cover poetry and concepts or writing poetry, identifying meter, etc. and so many Language Arts programs do not. This may also make them appear advanced but when I was in elementary school many eons ago, these poetry concepts were covered, in depth, at the same age. As other curriculums conformed to whatever the trend in L.A. was at the time, this curriculum - like the Mennonites themselves, has not evolved with it.


It's a solid program and the creative writing is easy. I think it is appropriate for the elementary age because it takes a lot of abstract thinking to write good paragraphs, short stories, etc. But, at about 6th grade, it just isn't enough writing when kids are capable of so much more.



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