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Okay, What About SOS or ACE for 5th Grade Math


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I can't believe it's a week and a half and I'm still searching for a math program for Annette.

I'm still considering T4L but what do you all think about Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS) or ACE? Like I mentioned before she'll eventually move onto Lial's BCM and from there Kintetic math.


She did like TT because it was on the computer. We didn't stick with it because of the instant grading. It stressed her out. Does SOS have instant grading or is it more hidden (which we prefer).


We do need review. This was another thing my daughter mentioned. TT didn't have enough review for her.


Any input regarding these two programs will really help me.



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Oh, good. :laugh:


I can't vouch for SOS, but I absolutely hated ACE math as a kid. The explanations read like technical electronic gobbledygook. Eventually I learned to just memorize the steps, whether I understood them or not, and my grades went back up. I'd always done fine in math until that curriculum. :tongue_smilie:

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