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First week update

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DS and I finished our first week. Despite having possible momo. DS did well. We both thought WWW2, ML2, 4P2(our level for MCTLA) were easier than last year's level. The stems and words (WWW) were manageable. ML was a review of material from last year. The information was truncated but DS felt it was easy to understand and move through. 4P is always a favorite here. DS whipped through those sentences for this week.


We haven't begun the poetry or writing books yet. Those are for next week.


Figuratively Speaking (not RFWP or MCT) was a hit. The first lesson (Denotation and connotation) went well. DS did it on his own and only commented one time about the amount of writing.


AAH2 is like an old friend this year. DS jumped right in and finished this weeks lesson early. He began to read the supplements and is enjoying the books.


Science went well. He is finishing the last few lessons in Apologia Physical Science and will be moving on to Biology. I think I over supplemented science and it slowed him down. I found that I have a tendency to give him too much information. He is probably ready for the AP test -- the problem is he can do the work and learns it well. I need to remember he is only in 8th grade and is not one of my college students.


Literature was interesting this week. He read Lord of the Flies and I let him watch the 1961 movie yesterday afternoon. We will continue the analysis next week with a couple of quizzes and a short paper.


We missed math at the co-op because of a fever. We will have a lot to make up starting on Monday.


We did begin Philosophy, using the RFWP philosophy books. We are focusing on Plato, which corresponds with the Poetry book for the MCTLA level. It's all good.


All in all I think we did well considering I have Lyme disease, he probably has mono (waiting for results), and I began my Comm. college semester.

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