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Critical Thinking Books 1 & 2 - what do they "look" like in your school?


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I got them out to plan for my 8th grader's year, and I'm curious as to how others have used this. It LOOKS like this is geared toward classroom use...how have y'all adapted it for use in a homeschool? Do you have your kids do all of the assignments together with you so you can discuss them? Do you have them do it on their own time and then discuss together briefly? Or does your child just work through it on his own with little input from you? (This last one seems to defeat the purpose of the whole thing, but maybe I'm missing something?:confused: )


How do you schedule out the assignments? Do you do one section per day? Do you set a time limit, say 15 minutes and then do as much as you can in that amount of time and pick up where you left off the next day? Etc.


I'm just trying to get a feel for how much time this will take, how the best way would be to assign things, etc.

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Critical Thinking 1 & 2... are these done out loud?


Logic-For those using Critical Thinking Books 1 and 2-How's it going??


We started out reading and discussing together. Eventually, ds would read on his own and work out the problems, then we would discuss together. We completed CT1 working 2-3x per week for the year. A few of the lessons we worked on over 2 days, but mostly it was a section a day.



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