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Night Elf

Latin: Ecce Romani to Wheelock's?

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Dd18 used Ecce Romani (sp?) in public high school for Latin 1, two years ago. She needs the second year but both Keystone and a homeschool class nearby use Wheelock's. The tutor told me dd18 would have a really big problem going from the one program that is considered easy to the one class that is considered to be really hard. The fact that there is 2 years between the courses is also a huge consideration.


To be honest, I'm leaning towards not scheduling it at all. It's not a requirement to graduate, but the colleges want to see 2 years of the same language. However, she has no plans to attend college anytime soon. (She is pursuing a managerial position at the small restaurant/cafe she works in.) And yet I know that if someone applies to college lacking some of the important courses, if accepted, they are expected to take the remedial courses to catch up. I just don't know how important that 2nd language is because I can't speak with anyone by email or phone! No one is returning my notes!



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