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If I could combine my children....

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I would either have the best student in the world or the worst lol.


My daughter is organized, uses her time well, and rarely has an issue with behavior. SHe has lots of friends and is popular as a homeschool girl can be popular lol. However, she has ZERO interest in academics. NONE! NADA! She just checks her boxes, takes her tests, and promptly flushes anything she learns. She is only interested in Disney stars, shopping at Justice, wondering when she shave, wear make-up, date boys, etc. talking/texting on phone, and hanging out with her friends. Extremely superficial, typical preteen interests. (THIS DRIVES ME BATTY as I was like that too as a child but so not like that now and was hoping she wouldn't go down that path)


BTW_ does anyone else have a child that just has no interest in academics? She doesn't hate them exactly, does what she needs to do but could care less whether she learns anything. School is just something she has to do because the state says so. She doesn't give me a hard time about it but just doesn't care and wouldn't care unless the Jonas Brothers were teaching her class.


My son LOVES learning. He hates the idea of "school" but he loves learning. Almost everything is exciting for him. He wants to talk about everything, learn everything, etc. However, he can not manage his time, keep his papers organized, etc. He needs upteem reminders a day to keep focused. If something comes up that he doesn't "get" right away or it appears it might be "too hard" (usually a big project that has to be broken into smaller steps- he can't do steps on his own), he will have a meltdown. He often tries to tell me what he will and will not do. Usually he loves whatever it is he did not want to do but just had trouble transitioning. (Yes he's Aspergers)


So let's see wish, I could combine the good but so very thankful that I don't have a combination of the worst traits! LOL.

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Are you talking about my children? I have the same pair only two years older and both girls. Most of the time the teen is pretty easy to handle but the younger one is about ready cause me to have a meltdown of my own. It is almost 10:00 on a school night and the child has not finished her homework yet because she can not sit still, be quiet and concentrate for two minutes. :glare:

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