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RS4K and Science Odyssey.. both?

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This is our first year using Real Science 4 Kids.. I am using it with my 1st and 4th grader (prelevel and level 1 Chemistry). I am also having my 4th grader use the KOGS books.


In the past we used REAL Science Odyssey Life. I really liked the program and the kids enjoyed it.. but found it lacking in the reading/explanation part.. so I think RS4K is a good fit in that respect.. but am thinking.. that RS4K could use some supplement too.. and wondering if Science Odyssey would fit the bill.. and make it a full year program instead of 20 weeks.


Has anyone combined these two?


Has anyone combined them for Chemistry? Before I spend the $50 on SO I want to make sure it's worth it..



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I like the RS4K, but it needs more experiments. When we finish with Chemistry in 5 more weeks, I was going to go to Bio, then Physics. Now I'm thinking you might be right to do the bio for the rest of the year and add in the RSO for more experiements and hands on, but still have the Rs4K text, which does a decent job explaining things.

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