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Apologia Chemistry with VHSG

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I will be taking the asynchronus (sp?) course and the first module has five lectures.


How do you split up the lectures/lab days/exams? I was going to enroll in the three day/weel course but it is full so I am wondering if anyone knows how module one would be split into the three day course plan?



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We are enrolled in the same course. There are three classes now due to demand. Two are on Monday and Friday at 2 hours each. The other is Tues-Thurs. at an hour each. The last class on Friday has an extra hour of helps. You can switch class to class at will. Monday's class equals Tuesday and Wednesday's classes, and Thursday equals Friday.


Our schedule last year with biology (doing the Tues - Thurs option) was start reading the chapter on Monday, keep reading every day to finish by the first Thursday or Friday. Watch Tues - Wed. - Thurs lectures as well. Take quizzes as well (maybe the last one can go to the beginning of the next week). The next week, Monday, do either experiments or start study guide (sometimes dd needed Tues. lecture before the experiments). Tues., Wed., Thurs, watch class, finish quizzes, finish experiments and lab reports and study guide. Test on Friday.

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