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Transcripts/The Potter's School

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Can anyone tell me what TPS provides you at the end of the year for record keeping? I've read on their website that they don't give you a transcript, so now I'm left wondering how course work is recorded for transfer purposes or for home transcripts?



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I am wondering if you get a report card or any other listing of all of a student's course work with accompanying grades. Or maybe that would be a transcript? They indicate you receive "feedback and evaluation" and "objective evaluation" and I'm wondering what that looks like exactly. Mostly, I'm wondering how much difficulty it might be to transfer these classes to another accredited school which will take non-accredited courses. I know no one can answer that besides the school in question, however I'd like to know what I can expect in terms of evaluation from TPS.


Are there final grades? Is there a student grade report at all? And if there is a grade report, is it accompanied by a course description?


From their website:


"Credit and Transcripts. The Potter's School is not accredited and is not pursuing accreditation. Instead we provide top-quality course content, feedback and evaluation that accredited schools (and homeschooling families, if they are using an accrediting process) can easily credit under their accreditation system. Similarly, The Potter's School does not provide a transcript. Instead we provide objective evaluation that families can reflect in their transcripts and portfolios in a manner best suited to their educational requirements."

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Yes, they provide end of semester and final grades. With the courses we've used, the assignments are listed with their grades as well as the final grades. You just have to print them off the web site at the end of the term. You can view and print them at any time during the term as well. You could adapt the course descriptions on their web site for your own descriptions. HTH

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