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Course descriptions for *math* courses?

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal
I go through the table of contents and list the topics covered. Then if we did anything extra such as additional reading, report on a mathematician's life, math competition or something like that I'll add it. That's it!

Us too.

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I can't figure out what to say...algebra - trig. It's just not that exciting! Do I need course descriptions for math courses?


If you're submitting course descriptions, then yes, you need them for math as well as other subjects!


Here are some of the descriptions I sent along as part of my daughter's application package:


MTH 112 - Trigonometry

Trigonometry has wide applications in the world around us. It is a vital tool in construction, physics, and engineering. Trigonometry is preparatory for Calculus 1. The major topics covered include radian measure, circular functions and their graphs, right triangle ratios and related trigonometric functions, identities, solving trigonometric equations, law of sines, law of cosines, and applications. Other topics include polar coordinates, parametric equations, vectors, and conic sections. A graphing calculator is required.

4.000 Credit Hours (Class taken at ZCC in 11th grade.) Awarded 0.50 credits.


MTH 111 - College Algebra

College Algebra is the study of basic functions and their applications. This includes polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions and their inverses. Other topics include an introduction to sequences and non-linear systems of equations. In accordance with national recommendations, this course emphasizes skill building, problem solving, modeling, reasoning, communication, connections with other disciplines, and the appropriate use of technology. A graphing calculator is required.

5.000 Credit Hours (Class taken at ZCC in 11th grade.) Awarded 0.50 credits.


Algebra 2

A comprehensive course covering: linear equations and inequalities, graphs and functions, polynomials and factoring, rational expressions, rational equations and functions, radicals, complex numbers, linear models, the conic sections, systems of equations including matrix methods, and exponential and logarithmic functions.

(Class taken at home in 10th grade.) Awarded 1.00 credits.



This classical geometry course is heavily dependent on deductive reasoning and the proof writing process and also relies on compass-and-straight-edge constructions. Topics include points, lines, planes; rays and angles; congruent triangles; geometric inequalities, parallel lines; quadrilaterals; transformations; area; similarity; right triangles; circles, concurrence theorems; regular polygons and the circle; geometric solids, non-Euclidean geometry and coordinate geometry.

(Class taken at home in 9th grade.) Awarded 1.00 credits.




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I didn't do any course descriptions unless they were particularly unusual. For math, I just gave the title and author of the book we used. (For science, I added a list of lab titles, but that was probably overkill.) If anyone cared, they could look up the book and see the table of contents for themselves. Truthfully, I kind of doubt anyone even looked at our descriptions. We only did course descriptions at all because a couple colleges seemed to imply they expected them, although it wasn't entirely clear.


A couple colleges "lost" the transcript and course descriptions we sent. When I re-sent, I only bothered to send the one page transcript, so I'm pretty sure those colleges didn't ever see the course descriptions (unless they "found" them later). They admitted my daughter just fine without them.


In any case, our course descriptions were only a couple pages long (total) because I didn't want to annoy people with a pretentious 50 page glossy binder.

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Good morning ladies. Thank you so very much for your help! Honestly, writing the course descriptions has been a lot more challenging than the transcript itself. :) My biggest fear is that nobody will even look at them...but hopefully they will. I really appreciate your assistance!

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Guest Barb B

Lots of times for my course description I used the description for the text or texts used. I then edited it to make it fit a course description.



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