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Do I or do I not want a twitter acount?

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I have a RL friend who was just last week diagnosed with cancer. She has a blog which I subscribed to years ago, when she was a missionary in Africa. But she hasn't posted to it in years. We are also Facebook friends. She is on twitter, I'm not. She may resurrect her blog but not yet. She doesn't want to flood fb with cancer stuff but she is posting about it on twitter. I want to be in the know but ... I just don't know how twitter works other than it's short posts. I can check on her now without an account, but I have to remember to do so. If I "follow" her, will it post to my inbox?


Ok, dumb question above - I do want an account, but how bad will it be. Right now she's only posting a couple times a day.

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twitter can be as busy or as quiet as you want it. It's a bit like Facebook. If you have 2,000 friends, your facebook news page will be full of (mostly useless) news. If you have only two or three friends, it feels like nothing happens on Facebook.


With Twitter, it's similar. If you have only a select few friends, it will not overwhelm you.

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