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Does this sound acceptable?


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We are changing our Math curricula from Saxon to MUS.


I am thinking of holding onto it for a few weeks before introducing it formally. On the 26th of this month J will get his tonsils out. A week later we are headed to W.Va to visit family for a few days. So essentially that is 2wks off of school. J is fighting a *nasty* case of tonsilits and has been all week, so he has been light schooling for the last week.


I do not want introduce a new curricula while (a) J is not up to feeling 100% (b) will have essentially 2wks off after just introducing it.


Would I be a terrible person just to wait until we get back from visiting family to introduce it? I have *many* workbooks that we can work thru, on concepts he is not mastered yet. This is what I was planning, maybe we can actually get his double facts mastered.


Any input/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I think it's a great idea to wait. If he could get his math facts down, that will be a huge plus. I think that's what holds kids back when they get into higher math.


When he gets into high school, no-one will care if he finished his math curriculum 2 weeks late or not.

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