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My baby is growing too fast...


So I was reading the introduction to Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology this morning and I see that Dr. Schmidt is allowing the use of calculators with this book. My internal dialogue goes off and says, "Ah yes, I remember being allowed to use a calculator when I hit Pre-Algebra type topics when I was in school." And then, "Oh my! My baby girl is starting Pre-Algebra! Where did the time go?" And then, "Wait, should I be letting her use a calculator for Primary Math as well?" And finally, "Oh crap! I should've picked up one of those cute four function calculators I saw on sale at Staples after all. Now I'm going to have to lend her my scientific calculator."


What say you, Singapore moms? Calculators for 6A? 6B? NEM?

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I didn't allow DD the Elder easy access a calculator for LoF: Pre-Algebra 1. I don't recall its being necessary, but it is possible I let her use one for one or two problems.

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