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  1. We got the letter here, too. Now we wait for September...
  2. I'm so happy the PSAT scores were on time this year! DD got a 225 so it looks like she will make semifinalist. Now I have to figure out who to ask for a recommendation letter. The only outside classes my DD has had are Driver's Ed and Sunday School. Would the National Merit people accept a letter from a Sunday School teacher or youth group leader?
  3. I did catechism and Leading Little Ones to God for the most part at that age. Starting in first grade I use Gertrude Hoeksema's series, Suffer Little Children from Reformed Free Publishing Association.
  4. We went through our public high school. The class cost $100. We are kind of rural, so that was really our only option. It was a good experience though. The school was friendly and cooperative, and there were other homeschoolers in the class. The high school does block scheduling so our dd had to be there every other day for 90 minutes. That was the only annoying part.
  5. I tried this one as a read-aloud for my 4 kids (age range of 8-16yo). They hated it and made me pick another book. This is the only book they have ever protested so adamantly. They practically staged an intervention to get me to stop.
  6. I called our local high school in May just before they let out for the year. The guidance counselor told me she would put my dd's name on a list of students taking it in October. She told me she would get a study guide to me a few weeks prior to the test and to call back if I don't hear from her about it. This is the second time I've signed my dd up for the PSAT at this school.
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone! I think you all just talked me into buying AOPS again. :laugh: Not that it's hard to talk me into buying more books... I guess in an ideal universe I should use the next few months to refresh my calculus "memory". I took calculus way back in high school so it's all a little hazy now. I have Calculus for the Forgetful. Perhaps I'll pull it out this afternoon.
  8. Hmm, so if we were to stick with AOPS and I tried to supplement with Stewart, how many extra problems would be reasonable then? I don't think she'll be taking the AP exam in the spring. She's planning to major in Computer Science and I've read from moms on this board that it can be helpful to retake Calculus in college in STEM related majors. I'm mostly interested in giving her the best foundation I can before she graduates so she'll be prepared for all of her college math.
  9. Yes, I meant section, not lesson. Sorry! I was thinking of trying Stewart's mostly because I already own it and the solutions manual. It's my dh's college text. I also wasn't sure if there was enough practice in AOPS. I've heard that it's not a very long book. Perhaps she doesn't need that though. I have trouble making up my mind mostly. :confused1: But ok, I shouldn't assign every problem. That seems more reasonable. Maybe I'll make my dd choose...
  10. I'm trying to figure out what to do for Calculus for next year, and one of the texts I'm considering using is Stewart's (really old 2nd edition - but we already own the textbook and the solutions manual). How many homework problems would be reasonable for one day? I saw one lesson had 49 problems and that is not what my dd is used to. We've been using mostly AOPS since she was in 6th grade. I'm tempted to stick with AOPS just to avoid trying to schedule Stewart's... My dd is very strong in math, and I don't want to swamp her with busy work, but I also don't want her to skimp on mastering the material. Even if you haven't used Stewart's, is 49 homework problems for one day "normal", or do I need to assign only odds? Or should I spread out one lesson over 2 days? TIA
  11. I'm smack dab in the middle of planning a worldview/philosophy course for my oldest dd, so I haven't used it yet. I read it and it looks like a good, broad overview of philosophy from a Christian worldview. I've been browsing around Ligonier Ministries' website in general. They have a lot of video lecture series that look interesting. There is a lecture series meant to accompany that book specifically.
  12. My dd's scores are available now, too. No access code required, although I have it now :lol: .
  13. Still waiting for an access code here. I had to call them this morning to get our registration squared away when the site wouldn't recognize our state's home school code. Now I'm stuck at a page that asks for either an access code or a Student ID. Does anyone know what the "Student ID" field is asking for?
  14. I can't believe I'm posting a question on the High School board. Yikes, here goes: My eldest will be in 8th grade next year so of course I'm planning out high school right now. :tongue_smilie: I'm planning on having her go through Weston's A Rulebook for Arguments and D'Angelo's Composition in the Classical Tradition as soon as she finishes up her logic program in a few weeks. After that I'm undecided. I have copies of Horner's Rhetoric in the Classical Tradition and Corbett's Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student. They seem to cover many of the same topics. I'm still slogging my way through Corbett, but I like Horner's text better so far and think it may be a tad easier to implement. But Corbett's is a thicker text and my trusty well-worn copy of TWTM recommends Corbett so I'm worried my dd may "miss" something vital to the study of Rhetoric if I skip Corbett. Doing them both seems repetitive... Anyone familiar with both (or either) text have any advice or opinions?
  15. I used a combination of AOPS Intro to Algebra and NEM 1 last year. My dd is doing AOPS Intro to Counting and Probability this semester with a little bit of Dolciani thrown in for some review to keep the algebra fresh.
  16. Fried rice. Scramble the eggs separately, and then stir them in at the end. I usually scramble at least 9-10 eggs every time I make fried rice. My kids like it extra eggy.
  17. Just one note on the readers... According to the TM they are supposed to be read round-robin in a classroom setting. I always took turns reading them with my kids.
  18. :iagree: Also, in Isaiah 65, in the description of the new heavens and the new earth, the Bible talks of lions eating straw like an ox in verse 25. This would seem to imply that the current state of the world, with animals eating one another, is part of sin and the curse. Once God restores his creation and redeems it, there will be no more animal death either.
  19. I see no reason to doubt the historical account as given in Genesis. I guess you could say it goes back to my view of Scripture. Also, I think Christian theology comes apart if you lose a literal Fall with a literal Adam and Eve. I can't remember who said this, and I'm probably paraphrasing it badly, but I heard a theologian once say, "If I can take the Fall from you, I can take take all of the Gospel from you as well." That has sort of stuck with me. No matter what you believe on any topic in history, at some point you have to place your trust in someone giving you a reliable and truthful account of what happened. I choose to trust the God who was there, and who does not lie.
  20. BA - double majored in Psychology and Christian Thought with a minor in Philosophy Married my DH 3 months after graduation.
  21. We're finishing up our third year with TOG. I did Year 2 with my kids at a half-pace over the past two years because there was so much to cover. We'll be starting Year 3 in June at a normal pace. I have one LG, one D, and one kid sort of straddling LG/UG.
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