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So how long are the Chalkdust lectures?

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I'm looking at the Geometry timeline for the newer CD Geometry course (with the 2007 text). They sent me the old timeline when I ordered the course, so I emailed them and the new info arrived in the mail today.


There are two lectures that are 35 minutes long. The rest seem to average about 20 minutes. The shortest one is 7 minutes. Most of them are in the teens and low 20s.


I don't think the lectures are meant to be watched every day, either. There are 52 lectures, and like I said, they appear to average about 20 minutes.


I'd heard they were long also, but I don't think the Geometry lectures appear to be bad at all.


The old Geometry timeline (for the older version of CD Geometry) has a lot more lectures, but they're also fairly short, with many under 10 minutes.

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I'm looking at the Algebra I outline - 19 of the lessons are in the 20 minute range, 14 of the lessons are under 20 minutes, 10 of the lessons are in the 30 minute range and then there are a couple of 40+ minute lessons. We've found that it's pretty easy to match up where the examples in the book match up with the video lecture and then just stop the dvd and do the work up until that point. The next day we just FF the dvd to where we left off and finish up the lesson and the work :)

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