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Dinner Input -- I have lentils and ground turkey...

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Ideas? What spices? Would an Indian curry type thing be tasty? I love lentil-curry, but what about the ground turkey that I need to use up? Oh, I also have some fresh baby spinach I need to use -- turkey lentil soup with some spinach? (Kind of like a soup I used to have in Seattle at a now-defunct (I think) restaurant, Cucina! Cucina! -- with Italian sausage...I could use Italian spices...)


Sorry for the ramble. End of a long day...

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I would make the lentils using vegetable or chicken broth and season with curry. Cook the turkey with onion and more curry. Mix the lentils and turkey as one dish. (maybe serve over rice and sauteed spinach) or just sautee the spinach in garlic and olive oil as a side dish. Or make a simple spinach salad with whatever is available.

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Okay, so I have the stuff on the stove simmering, but it is....BLAH. This is what I have done so far:


Simmered the lentils in a combo of chicken broth and water (I ran out of broth) seasoned with curry (middle-eastern curry, though Thai-style really sounds GREAT PIP), sauteed the onions, garlic, finely chopped carrot and turkey in curry and olive oil. I added the onion mixture into the simmering lentils, added one smallish can of unseasoned tomato sauce, added a bit of kosher salt, and it's just, BLAH. I've used a LOT of curry powder. A LOT. Anything else? Would you throw in some Garam Masala also?


What about adding in some coconut milk, which would not add flavor, but it might add some body...

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