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For those of you who have gone back to school while homeschooling

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what is the max. number of classes you have taken?

I am currently fulfilling my prereqs. to be accepted into the the English MA program, I'm taking 3 classes right now and it is fine, I am thinking about bumping it up to 4 or possible 5 in the fall. Two of those classes would be online, so I'd only have to go to school for 2 or 3. I only have two dd to teach and I don't work.

what do you think?

has anyone done this before?

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Wow, that's a lot of classes to take at once! I'm working on my BA through distance ed, and feel I can only handle one course per semester. But I also have 2 younger children who need a fair amount of one on one time yet. I'm hoping that when they're both jr high or high school age, I'll be able to take more classes myself.

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I'm taking my GRE in a little over a week, and there's a good possibility all three of our girls will be enrolled in school next year. Anyway, even with them not being here, I'd rather not do more than two classes per week.


I guess it all depends on what you're capable of doing! Some moms do a great job with both homeschooling and going back to school themselves! I'm just not so sure if I'm that adept or capable of juggling it all.


I guess this is not much in the way of advice, but I wish you the best with both homeschooling and the classes you want to take. :)

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