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Backing off for awhile

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I have a VERY bright 7th grader who has been thriving this year doing Algebra I and Aplogia Physical Science. That said, this past week he has been ... having senoritis. We normally start school in July. We took a 2 week vacation in August. We took a trip in October, a week off for Thanksgiving, a couple of weeks off for Christmas. IN February they worked with my mom for a week while I was on a trip with dh. We took a sort of break last week...continuing to do math and science but nothing else. He will have a week off for testing at the beginning of April and a week off right after that because his dad is off. So... It weems like we stop and start. He has been staring at his science and says it is hard and he doesn't get it. He has also had bad allergies and has been on medication that makes him sleepy. He has loved science and wanted to do it up until this time. He has blown away the other kids in his co-op (they do labs there and extra fun things) and all the other kids tease him a little about knowing it all. So... I think he has spring fever, doesn't feel well, etc. His last co-op is next week with chapter 15. He was supposed to take his chapter 14 test yesterday but begged off. I agreed because this child never asks to get out of work. He will miss the chapter 16 week at co-op because of the SAT testing. So... what should I do?? Make him continure working? Tell him to just read chapter 15 so he can be ready for experiments next week and then drop science until the middle of April when we get back from vacation with his dad?? That would give us 6 weeks to test over 14 and finish up 15 and 16. Does that sound ok?? He has just seemed stressed this week..math is taking forever, everything is and he just isn't enthusiastic about school right now..


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If it were me I would just have him read chapter 15 so that he can participate in the experiments and then give him the break. It does sound like a combination of allergies, medicine and spring fever. My daughter willl sometimes have that similar issue. He sounds like he's ready for a break. When my daughter asks to not do something she usually would never miss I know she doesn't feel well. It sounds like there would be plenty of time for you to finish up after the break.



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