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WT1 with FLL3 or R&S 3...overkill?

Sue G in PA

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I *think* this has been discussed and if so, forgive my redundant post. I'm almost 100% sure I'm doing WT1 with ds8 next year. I know it has grammar written into the program. Up until now, ds8 has not had much formal grammar. We started FLL 1/2 and fizzled out...he couldn't take the massive review. Tried R&S 2 and it went okay. *Mom* fizzled out! Now, he really doesn't do much. Would WT1 combined with either FLL3 or R&S 3 be overkill on the grammar? I don't want to overwhelm him. R&S3 seems to be a much more rigorous text than FLL3. I have both (I told you I am a curriculum junkie!) and while I can't stand the "scripted" format of FLL3, I like the gentle approach and narration lessons. Of course, I'll have WWE for ds7 so could use that for ds8 as well for the narrations, etc. Oh good.ness. I wish I could just decide on ONE silly curriculum and go with it. Back to my original Q...any thoughts?

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Growing with Grammar 3.

It is quick, painless and easy to get through.

We are using it this year and do it about 3-4x a week.

I think it would go really well with WT1. I think R&S3 would be overkill (unless you do it orally) and i think that FLL3 will be a lot of overlapping of WT1 (ie: narrations, copywork, stories...etc)

Check out GWG....I think you will like it!

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I'm in the same situation with my ds8. Like you, we tried FLL1/2, but it wasn't a good fit. It worked well for my dd who's very auditory, but ds is more of a visual learner. We did a little of R & S 2 mostly orally (this worked because he followed along in his book), but I wasn't able to be consistent enough with it. We dropped it and just picked up grammar again a couple of months ago with Easy Grammar 3/4. This is what I plan to continue with when we do WT1 in the fall. In your case, having FLL and R & S already, I would go with R & S. I don't think it would be overkill if you do the lessons orally. I would really like to go with R & S myself, but I already own EG 3/4. I have to start using what I buy instead of always looking elsewhere.



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