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I wish there was a way to expedite self-education ...

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I feel like I am sitting here spending more time trying to figure out what to do for self-education than just about anything else these days (except working of course). I have considered just using a pre-packaged curriculum, but I wouldn't know which one to use. Does this require even more research on my part? UGH! :glare:

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You could listen to them in the car while you are driving around, or at home while you are doing other things. Doubling up like that will do a lot to expediate things. Get one of the basic history ones and begin there. Another good beginning thing is to get the book Science Matters. It is an overview of science that fits all the pieces together. I haven't read it, but when my sister suddenly had to teach science at her Montessori school, they gave it to her to read to get her up to speed when she complained that she didn't remember much of the small amount of science she had known in the first place. I think the Idiot's Guides are nice, too, for self-education. Libraries have lots of those. I bet there is one for math at whatever level you want to start at, and ones for government and science and whatever else you want to study. They are designed for adult self-education and go fast. It might be good to see if they have one for writing, which is something you will need to brush up on, maybe. For foreign languages, your library probably has Pimsleur tapes. They are great for adult self-education. The Well-Educated Mind is a good literature guide, but before you begin it, you might want to read How to Read Literature Like a Professer (which I've misspelled I'm sure and for some reason my post is now bold!). It is entertaining and explains what goes on in college literature classes. The Harp and the Laurel Wreath is a good thing to do before TWEM, too, because it has a section on literary analysis terms and questions after the more adult poems. Between those two books, you should be ready to do TWEM.


So, that gives you:


A TC history

Idiot's Guide math

Idiot's Guide writing

How to Read Literature Like a Prof or Harp and Laurel Wreath

Science Matters

Pimsleur language tapes


A little of everything, and mostly designed for adult self-education so it will go fast, be available at the library, and be fairly entertaining. It is a place to start, anyway, while you decide what else you want to do.




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