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Talk to me about the Happy Scientist


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Do you like it? How do you use it? Is it better for a certain set of grade levels? Is it easy to use as a supplement to your science programs?


I am currently pulling together a physics program for my 4th grader which we will likely start around February. We will follow that up with The Elements by Ellen McHenry for chemistry to give her a base before we hit middle school science. I have access to Brainpop, Bill Nye videos, some science videos through Powermedia. So far I haven't been really good about getting her involved in actual hands-on experiments--we'll see if that changes. Would the Happy Scientist be a good addition? I looked at a couple of the free videos---the homemade cloud chamber for seeing radioactive particle trails was very cool!

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We love it too. My science geek daughter will watch the videos for fun. We had a problem when we first signed up & it was sorted quickly & courteously. I'm also incorporating the videos into our science studies, alongside McHenry's Elements, RS4K Biology (just finished) & as yet unplanned astronomy (which we're doing at the request of aforementioned SGD )


Plus if you sign up before midnight & its 25% off.

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