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I wanted to answer sooner but I had to find the books. We did a semester long course. Most of the materials came from the library. There is a series of books put out by National Geographic Photography Field guides. They have them on potraits, landscapes etc. They go into some depth about how to take pictures in those settings. We also used a book called "Digital Photography, Top 100 simplified tips and tricks, 2nd Edition" I think I got it from Rainbow Resources. For dark room and SLR camera operations and details we used a book from the library but unfortunately I don't remember the name. You'd be surprised at what wonderful sources you can find at the library. My children's and my skills and knowledge in taking pictures improved drastically. Good luck

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My son & husband have done photography projects, but I was trying to think of photo "literature" & didn't come up with anything. Then, when I was looking at books by Barbara Mitchell, I noticed this one:



Mitchell writes short bios, but they have quality info. We have Pocketful of Goobers & We'll Race You, Henry. Maybe her Eastman one is equally good?



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