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AP English Lit or AP English Language

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We are looking for guidance for next year --- yes, we are in the thros of planning for next year --- and wondering if anyone here can advise as to which to take; AP English Lit & Comp OR AP English Lang & Comp?


Should one be taken before the other? DS loves to read---that is an understatement--- has read extensively, which has me leaning toward the AP English Lit and Composition course. He read the description of the two and thought he might learn more from the English Language & Composition course.

:confused: What to do? What to do?????




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Dd took AP Literature; ds took AP Language. I have lots of opinions on both!


1) The literature really focuses on reading literature; the essay-writing takes the form of writing opinions on the literature. The MC questions are HARD!!! But for a person who will take higher-level literature classes in college, I would definitely recommend it.


In hindsight, dd probably should have taken AP language & comp because she will be writing many essays as an art history major, and she is only taking one lit class in college. On the other hand, she did get a chance to really explore literary techniques that she may never meet again (until her own kids are in high school!)


2) The language class stays away from literary techniques and focuses more on writing as a process. The books ds is reading are chosen because they show different writing styles and techniques. He writes "rhetorical analysis" essays, analyzing meaning and style. He has had to write editorials, and he just finished writing a 10-page rsearch paper on a current event.


Ds wil be writing lots of essays as an economics major and a political science major, so the course will give him a strong writing background. He really doesn't read fiction (currently he is reading Godel Escher Bach; he just finished reading some economics books by Bastiat), so he REALLY didn't want to spend the year studying literature.


We were very happy with both courses.


If you have other specific questions, I'd be happy to try to answer!

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My DS just read your post ---- "Oh, Thank you. Definitely Language." He plans to major in the sciences so he has a greater need to improve his writing rather than explore literary techiques.


Very helpful. Thank you.


Now, which instructor to sign up with?

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