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Help! Planet Model (size of the planets?)

Osmosis Mom

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Here are the diameters of the circles recommended in one of our activities.


Mercury 3/8 inch

Venus 1 5/8 inch

Earth 1 5/8 inch

Mars 3/4 inch

Jupiter 19 inches

Saturn 15 inches

Uranus 8 inches

Neptune 8 inches

Pluto 1/4 inch


If this is not what you were wanting, please disregard this message. :lol:

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We did this one.



It was a great exercise, but you need a very large space to do it. We did it on the road in front of our house, but ended up having to skip Pluto since it was across a busy street. I was sure that our street was long enough when we started, but it wasn't.


This looks awesome! We'll have to try it!

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OK, Angie, so you like to brag....My kids made our front entrance way stairs into an icey sliding hill so beware, any visitors coming our way. Ds actually sent a friend of mine through our crazy garage (instead of the more decent back door) so he could sled down in peace and icey chills. Same ds also had another friend move his car so it wouldn't interfere with the sledding.


So wear your shorts. We are all bundled up and still chilly!

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Well our big snow day that the kids were looking forward to for a full week turned into just 15 minutes of snow flurries that melted as soon as they touched the ground. The weather reports all said that we would get 1-2 inches of snow on the ground. I kept telling the kids not to get their hopes up. We get 1 inch of snow maybe every 4th or 5th year.


We did a ski vacation in Colorado for spring break one year and the kids were in paradise. The snow was deep enough that you could actually get stuck in it!


We usually just end up with ice.

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That's so sweet. I remember when we lived in Japan many years ago. We would occasionally get some flurries and I'd bundle up dd 2 and hurry out so she could experience snow. All the neighbours would be staring at us from their windows, probably thinking we were crazy. By noontime everything would be melted of course and the weather would be great again!!

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