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s/o of sponsor a child..

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I would love to do the same type of thing for a child without a family, here in my state. At some point I would love to move into fostering to adopt a daughter, but for now, would love to sort of 'sponsor' a little girl. Things such as- providing some clothing, spending time together, gifts on the holidays, ect. Is this sort of thing ever done?

How would I go about doing so? I have had no luck surfing the internet for orphanages in our state. Where do the children in need of foster homes stay until they get a foster family?

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How does the Big Brother/Big Sister program work if you have your own kids? Do they come along on the activity? Or does your own children stay home? Just wondering if it must be a one on one type thing, or if you can incorporate your family into it?


I'm the one that started the tread about sponsoring a child, but I had never considered our family "adopting" a child through Big Brother/Big Sister. I'm interested in getting more information about it. I wonder how involved you are allowed to be? Can you invite the child over for holidays (I guess inviting their parents as well?)? Can you bring them to church if the parents okay it?

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