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Has anyone used the on-line learning for Professor B for remedial math?


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Hi. I have been using the online Prof B math for my 10yo son for one month now. He really enjoys it. I keep thinking it's too easy, but he is finally "getting" it. I'm noticing things that are similar to RightStart and Time4Learning, but in a different order. Before Prof B, my son just could not get addition facts and place value despite years of math games online and different math programs. We're still only in the beginning stages, but he is enthusiastic about math and I am hopeful that this will make things click for him.



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I have the CD, and it has been a wonderful fit for both of our dc. Ds 10 has struggled with visual processing issues, eye hand coordination, attention and focusing, and other areas; ds 7 is probably closer to the gifted end of the spectrum.


Professor B Math does a marvelous job of embedding mathematical concepts within stories that are very easy to retain. The drills require mental math, rather than pages and written work, which has been wonderful for ds 10.


He's flying through the 3-5th grade program this year (we started it last year) and I'm simply amazed by what he is doing. It's a wonderful program.

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