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Ideas for "light of the world" topic?? (CC)

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Tonight I am in charge of teaching 100 girls, 3rd -5th graders for 10 minutes and the topic is "Light of the World".


I am taking in a flashlight, a candle and a lantern. My plans so far have been to talk about how necessary light is to begin with. Creation started with it. And how each light shows us the way. And have a couple of girls share a verse about being the light. Then I thought I'd share how we are to be a light for others and what that means...


But, it seems to go by fast and I need to fill in at least 10 minutes.


Do you have any ideas or stories about candles or lanterns, etc. that would be inspirational to young girls?? Any other ideas? Thanks!

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I did a talk like this a few years ago. I lit two candles, put one in the middle of a table, and put one in a dark, sealed bowl. I explained how sharing your light and exposing it to others made it burn larger and brighter, while keeping it close and tight diminishes it. I took volunteers from the group to conduct the experiment while I explained the message. Have fun with the project.

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