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Leapster or Leapster 2

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Leapster 2 can be hooked up to the computer to track progress. The body is also a bit more sleek looking. Other than that, there are really no differences. DD5 has the regular Leapster. They can all play the same games. I think some of the games go up to about 7 or 8 years old. I think that DD5 is at the perfect age for it right now.


edited to add.....the games have the age range printed on the front of them.

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Guest Alte Veste Academy
I think that DD5 is at the perfect age for it right now.


:iagree: I think purchasing around the 4th birthday is ideal and 5 is the perfect age for really getting it. DS6 is almost 7 and is growing out of it, as he pretty much knows all the material that the games cover. I feel that from 4-7 is a pretty decent run for the toy.


ok. Now what about the leapster max and the didj?


Leapster, Leapster L-Max and Leapster 2 all cover the same ages. L-Max can be hooked up to the TV and 2 can be hooked up to the internet. DS6 and DD5 both have originals. DS3 received the 2 just because I wanted him to have a different color to keep them all straight. I hate how it constantly tells him to have his parents hook it up to the computer because I didn't want that feature. I don't do it.


The Didj is Leapfrog's next step up for older kids. I don't think I'm going to move that way though. There are far fewer games (it's new though, so we'll see) and the ones I've seen are for the lower age range anyway, the range that the top Leapster games still hit, so really :confused:. Plus, it seems that the ones they have are much more character-based vs. what they had for the Leapster. I'm now choosing between getting DS6 a DS (with only educational games) and just quitting the handhelds altogether. I'm seriously leaning toward the latter. The Leapster was/is truly great for informal learning (and we are very informal here in the early years) but now that we're really doing school, I don't know that I'll proceed in this direction.


ETA: Holy Garbanzo Beans, Batman!!! Check out these ridiculous sale prices for the Didj! I was checking the game selection after posting this and my, my, my! I wonder if this is an indication that sales aren't great?

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