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People who love chaos

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Did anyone here give birth to people that just are not happy unless they have a big mess?


I gave birth to two, although my step dd (21yrs) loves mess more than I could describe. My husband's mother seems to be the person this gene comes from.


MIL is walking chaos. She must have a big pile of stuff in every room while she visits. She must save everything she thinks is interesting, pine cones, grasses, bits of robin's egg shell, ect. She must have four beverages going at all times. If you throw away a ten hour old beverage she will pout. Although I do it sometimes when she has as many as six going and just deal with the "I was going to finish that" even though I know from 19 years of experience she was not.


My step dd has been here for a week and is going back to WA tonight, but the house has been a wreck since she came, because she wants whatever she is interested in laying around. She also has at least four beverages going, including an open Mikes Hard Lemonade in the fridge. AGGGGHHHH. The crazy thing is that I will miss her when she's gone. But she is coming back in three weeks for a week and a half and that may send me over the edge when I have my own Christmas mess to deal with.


Does anyone else have this problem? How do you cope?

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