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Runners, can I whine to you for a minute?

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On Tuesday, I hurt my foot somehow while running. On Wednesday, I (like a dummy:banghead:) ran on it anyway. I thought it would be better by now - 2 days later with no running - but it isn't! :( It is only a teeny bit swollen. The pain is mostly below the outside of my foot, below the big ankle bone, but when I walk, it spreads down the side of my foot and heel.


Not being able to run is really depressing! :crying:


Thanks for listening to my whine.

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Oh, Chickenpatty, I'm sorry about your foot. If I couldn't run I would be devastated.

Today was my first time running since my first 5K on Thanksgiving. I was so glad to get out there.

I have some tingling on the left side of my face that started on 11/15/09 and I am off balance a few times a day. I was so afraid I might miss my first race. Thankfully, though, I feel fine when I run.

Keep us posted. I hope your foot heals soon.

I wonder if you need new shoes. What do you think?

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