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Anyone else concerned about the radiation from

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Anyone else concerned about the radiation from your laptop, cordless phone or cell phone? I watched a Dr. Oz that talked about the link between cell phones and brain tumors, and then I started reading about how a cordless phone is worse than a cell bc it emits radiation up to 9 feet away - constantly. (At least when you turn your cell phone off it doesn't emit the radiation). Also, I'm on this laptop a lot - and apparently it has a lot of radiation too!! Please calm my fears! I'm ready to throw away my cordless and buy an old fashioned phone! It does seem like cancer is so much more common than it was when my grandmother was alive many years ago. Of course, back then - no microwave, no computer, no cell phone, no cordless phone, no cell phone towers, etc. Am I overreacting?

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I am not sure why but I did not put two and two together and realize that cordless phones are bad too. :glare:


We got rid of using our cell phones as our home phone for this exact reason, and caved in to getting a landline again. But we have cordless??? I am also phobic about the microwave and rarely use it. But laptops too now? Gosh, I guess you can't ever really beat it, because it always creeps up from somewhere.

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