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MCT Ordering Question: Practice Books


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I am putting together my MCT order (Woo woo!) and planning on just buying the TM's for Island and Town levels (basic sets). I know I need to buy the Practice books as well, but am wondering if every student needs one or can they be shared (by writing sentences on notebook paper). I plan to have the 2 olders go through Island quickly before Town, and the younger would likely start Island next summer or fall. Could i just buy one practice book for Island and then everyone gets their own Practice Town book? Just trying to save $$ when I can.



(Sorry that was so muddled~ it's our turn for the flu.)

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You are lucky I am still online ! :001_smile:


I would think you could get 1 practice Island, and have them alternate who does which sentences. I have my boys switch off... not as much "practice" but I feel it is enough.


There are 100 sentences per book.


Another idea would be to use the sentence as copywork or spelling/dictation practice (each doing that on a separate sheet) then they do the analysis on their copy. This would keep it a clean copy for the younger kid. Does that make sense? I know what I mean, but that doesn't mean I am saying it in a way that is clear!:tongue_smilie:

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