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Nicest Thing Dh Ever Said?

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My dh isn't the 'hearts and flowers' type of guy. He's a doer. He'll go to three different grocery stores to find the ice cream I want, but he's not at all one for mushy talk.


Every now and then though...He says something that rocks me.


Thinking about the nicest things he's ever said to me, two come to mind.


One was a while ago. He was watching me with the children, and said, "I wish I'd had a mom like you."


The other was last night. I was telling him that one of the things I regret about having RSD was not being able to give him full body massages. He comes in from work sore and hurting, and I used to be able to 'put him back together'. I told him that it made me feel like he needed me. He told me, "I do need you. You keep me centred." :001_wub:

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