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Crazy Morning.

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I was woken up at 4 am by my dog barking to go outside. Took him out and stood there freezing and barefoot waiting for him to finish. Come back in...crawl happy into bed. Husband gets up and is trying to be quiet..but REALLY..the man has horrible night vision and is not capable of quiet. Im half asleep when I hear BANG "OW!!!" which is never good. He calls to me...and I go to find him...when I do he has blood dripping down his forehead. He walked into the door frame and managed to get a big gash in his head.

I cleaned it...put pressure on it to stop bleeding and put on a band aid.


This morning he managed to wash off the nice scab that had formed..so I had to fix him up again.


Then while drinking coffee I noticed the puppy chewing on something...I called her to me and told her to spit it out....it was a large pointy tooth. I was confused...I looked at the tooth,looked at the dog...lookedatthe tooth...lookedat my 9yo who rolled his eyes and informed me it was a shark tooth..I kinda thought my dog had a weirdly shaped tooth she knocked out...she is a cattle dog mix so anything is possible. :glare:

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It was good sized gash...I managed to get the edges together via band aid and it is staying together so i dont think he is needing stitches. Poor guy though...he had to go to the office and do a third interview with a potential hire. When his secretary looked at him and at his head...he managed to save his dignity by quoting Fight Club. :lol:

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