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My son's stitches in his foot

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are starting to heal. I noticed last night that his whole foot was sweating. The other one wasn't. Is this normal? There are two cotton pads covered with antibiotic cream and then that ace bandage that sticks to itself covering it. Could the loose ace bandage be that hot, or is the sweating related to the stitches healing? We're going in for a stitches checkup today, so hopefully we'll get the all-clear.

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Is he also wearing socks?


Ace bandages are - to me at least - very warm. I am usually cold, but if I have an ace bandage on, that area seems to be warm and sweaty. I would think even more so on a foot - they sweat anyway, and the air can't really get in there to cool it off.


Hope the checkup goes well! I wouldn't worry about the sweating, unless there were also signs of infection.

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