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How do you (or how do you plan to) have your dc know how to write in all genres?


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Narrative, essay, cause and effect, imitative, etc. (I don't even know what they all are!)


Dd is in 4th grade and we've MAINLY done copywork/dictation and imitative writing (Imitations in Writing, IEW, WT) up til now, and we're trying to transition over a little by using Jump In (by Apologia.) I was realizing we've been pretty imitation-heavy and I think we're at a good point to branch out some.


As I was contemplating our writing journey, it made me interested in what others are doing to try to have a well-balanced writing plan over the long-term.

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Mostly just giving you a bump....:001_smile:


We use CW which by next year will begin to integrate literature. This year we are adding some simple paragraph style writing with history and lab write-ups with science. We discuss literature and will do some writing with it.

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