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TMI regarding female issue...Miscarriage/Cycles???---

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I would not normally post this publicly on a co-ed board, but we are in the middle of ins. changes and I don't really have any coverage, and no $$ to pay up front at this time unless I HAVE to go in so....





What I had thought was a . started on Oct. 26 (10 days late), by the 28th it was EXTREMELY heavy with large clots, and horrible cramps. I decided it would be wise to test. I got an EXTREMELY faint +, by the 30th it was -, so I figure I m/ced. It slowed down and has now for 3 days been a lot of brown stuff when I wipe. I warned ya..TMI... How long should all this last? At what point should I become concerned?


Again, I do not know 100% that this was an m/c, but it adds up to be highly possible. I know there are many that never go to the dr for one this early, and I would like to do the same, if all is ok. THANKS for any advice...;)

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It sounds like an early miscarriage to me. :grouphug: I'm sorry. I've had several of those. You shouldn't need to see a dr. unless you do not stop bleeding. It sounds like your bleeding is tapering off and so the miscarriage should be complete. I've never had to see a dr. for my misscarriages. I am so sorry for your loss...I'll be praying for you. :grouphug:

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For the most part we are a QF family. However, we have been using barriers since our baby was born full term not quite 10 mos ago, and was in NICU. My health got to be not so good, and it is highly suspected that the 4 full term preggies in 3 yr 9 mos had something to do with her health issues. My body is worn out. ;) We have been giving my body time to heal, and our pocket book time to "heal" (pay off her medical debt). This just confirms to us that I am not ready yet. ;) God will guide us here too. I am in no way saying that this little one would not have been welcomed with open, loving arms, but I am at peace with this. I have 6 beautiful children and will always welcome what God gives to us in his time. But, this does not appear to be his time. ;)

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As others have already posted, as long as your bleeding stops, there's no need to go see a doctor. If the bleeding does continue, take a pregnancy test using first morning urine before you go in to see your doctor. If positive, it could indicate that there are retained pieces of tissue that are still growing.


It is normal for your next cycle to be really wacky. Apparently hormonal irregularities are common in cycles immediately following early miscarriages. It isn't known whether or not those irregularities could cause another early miscarriage, but some doctors suggest that women actively avoid pregnancy for at least 1-2 cycles.

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