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Anyone switched from Medifast to Weight Watchers?

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I've been using Medifast for almost 9 weeks and have lost 16 lbs so far. I started at 167 and am now at 151.

My goal is to at least get to 140.


The food is not bad, but I'm starting to get bored with it.


With the Holidays coming up I think I'm going to want to eat more of my own food, plus I really don't want to fork out 300+ dollars for food with Christmas and three birthdays coming.


I was thinking about switching to WW, but I'm afraid if I switch too fast I may actually gain weight.


I have about 3 weeks of Medifast food left.


What would you do?


1. Switch now to WW, using my three weeks of food as sort of transition.




2. Use my three weeks of food to loose 6 more lbs (which will bring me to 145) then switch cold turkey to WW.


3. Or should I just stick with Medifast until I get to 140, then do the Medifast transition, only going to WW later just to maintain good eating habits.


I really, really want to do this right. Medifast has been so expensive (but easy) that I don't want to loose any ground.


This has been my first real diet (tried South Beach several years back but never lost anything.) so I have no idea what my body will do once it encounters real food again.



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Yes, I just joined WW online. I have Medifast and plan on using the shakes as meal replacements for those times when I am running out the door. I just find Medifast hard to incorporate into my lifestyle and last time I lost weight using Medifast, I put it all back on because I had not learned to "eat." Now I am using WW to learn to eat to lose and maintain.


I would love to know how many points a Medifast shake is for WW.

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According to the WW point calculator: http://www.webmilhouse.com/pointcalc.php a shake is 1 point.

The back of the shake box says 100 calories, 0.5 fat and 4g. fiber.


My plan, when I switch is to not go back to softdrinks, and keep away from high carbs. I did not do well w/ South Beach but I think I needed to add in exercise as well as pay attention to calories as well as carbs. I think eating 5-6 small meals is much better than 3 big meals...and water. I have to learn to drink water!!!

I'd also planned to keep some Medifast shakes and bars around.



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