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Question About Classical Conversations

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For those of you who are familiar with CC I was hoping to get some info please. There is a CC having an open house near me and they have mid-semester openings. My dd is in 2nd grade and other than reading a few books hasn't had much history or science. Do you all think it's possible for her to start CC at this level? She just turned 8. Surely the other kids in 2nd know a whole lot more than her. Is it possible for her to start at this age? Won't she be REALLY behind? What do we do the other days of the week? What is a typical day like when your not in CC? I'm completely intimidated by CC but am very interested in it. Sorry for all the questions but I knew this was the place to come for great advice! :001_smile:

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yes, CC work is really a supplement, though you can build your homeschool work around it if you want. Some do, but we are just using it as a supplement. The kids are memorizing statements- history statements, science facts, math facts, Latin portions - but there are no in-depth lessons and it doesn't matter if they have no prior history learning before it...the kids just memorize it. There is so much information to get through that the tutor doesn't have time to teach a lesson, though we try to explain things when they come up. This week our history statement was about Hinduism and Buddhism and the kids asked what a caste was...I gave a simple explanation and moved on to actually memorizing it, there was no big lesson on India or Hinduism and Buddhism. The parents can cover it at home if they would like.


My bonus student has a learning disability and is at about a 1st or 2nd grade reading level, not a lot of prior study material, but he is doing really well with this and is blossoming with the public speaking portion.


the open house will probably help you understand. I actually signed on as a tutor without really being able to 'see' how it all worked.


I wrote a blog post about it *here* describing my view of CC


I have to add in that we are starting to see some exciting connections, in our SL History last week we covered Monks and Monasteries and we were able to connect it to our earlier history statement about the Pax Romana and the barbaric huns...it was a good moment for me.:D

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