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I'm looking for ideas for art education.

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I'm pretty comfortable with art history/appreciation. We have a couple of art history books, and I love to visit art museums/exhibitions. I'm a lover and appreciater of art, but I'm not an artist. I don't really know how to teach the kids anything about drawing, painting, basics of perspective and shading, etc. I've tried checking out some books from the library, but I feel like I need more help than that.


In first grade we used Artisitic Pursuits and loved it. So we tried the second book in the series, and it fell flat for us. So, I started taking the kids to art classes at the local art museum. They were fun and they learned a lot at the few we attended, but then they were cancelled for the second semester because of low enrollment. This year I was planning to make art classes at an art museum or an art studio our main curriculum, but the art studio cancelled one day of classes and the only other day conflicted with an already established activity that can't be changed. The closest art museum is only having the classes once or twice a month now (which isn't enough for us, although we probably will attend those few sessions), and the other art museum (which is an hour drive, but would be worth it if it worked out) cancelled the class session that was going to work for us because of low enrollment. This is the one I really wanted because it is an every week class that teaches the basics like perspective, shading, color, etc. They will be having another session in the winter, which I will likely be able to schedule in, but in the mean time, I need a plan for art at home.


I don't really want to spend a large amount of money on a new curriculum. I was wondering if there might be any websites, books I could look for at the library, relatively inexpensive curr. out there. I need to get some new art supplies, too. We have professional quality watercolor crayons and watercolors, oil pastels, paintbrushes, and sketching pencils. I need to stock up on watercolor paper. I was thinking about buying some professional quality markers and colored pencils, too. Any recommendations?


I really think dd might have a talent for art. She certainly loves to draw, color, paint. I think she could be a lot farther along than she is in her drawing skills if I could get her some professional instruction. Any ideas? Thanks.

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We got a art computer program that is totally step-by-step. It has more detailed instructions for older kids than it has for the younger ones.


It is called "The Masterpiece Collection" art instruction CD.


It includes "The Phonics of Drawing", "Introduction to Watercolor Painting", "Multimedia" and "Multimedia Junior".


The website is http://www.teachartathome.com


If you buy the CD you also get a password where you can get additional projects online at their website for free.

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