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For Omnibus users, What do you think would be

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the best curriculum to prepare for Omnibus. I am facing 3 years of getting my oldest child ready for this curriculum, and I am trying to nail down what will be best to have her prepared. She is already an avid reader.


Thank you so much,



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My children are not there yet, but dh teaches it at school and online. HE says, "read, read, read!" If they do not love reading, they will struggle with the load. The writing and discussion comes as they mature, but I would introduce them to the younger versions of some of the literature. It helps if they are already familiar with the book and time period. With my own children we talk about Gilgamesh and Herodotus and others just so they are familiar enough to be curios. I hope this helps. Omni I may be the hardest reading because of the time period. Do not let it scare you.

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The books that my son gets the most of are the ones we had done in an easier format before.Listen to cd's of the Odyssey,Shakspeare,Beowulf etc. Read retellings of the story. Then hopefully, when your child begins reading the great books he will be excited to read the stories. WTM is a great source for books.

Also talk about the books now, on whatever level your child is on. This will prepare her to talk about the great books.



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Thanks Julie,


This has helped me tremendously. It has helped me to focus on the essentials with more deliberateness, if that makes sense. I think we'll be fine to stick with CW; I had almost thought of discontinuing it. I will be evaluating all of our curriculum with this thought in mind--will it get us where we want to be.


Thank you very much. :)

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