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  1. An absolutely beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. As my oldest has gotten into upper level classes, I've had a difficult time balancing what I need to do with what I want to do, and as my baby is about to turn 5, I'm really stressing over the fact that I don't have the fun free time I had with the older ones. My kids and I had so much fun when the older two were little and learning was purely interest driven. We still have lots of that, but the burden seems to get so much heavier, maybe because at heart I'm a perfectionist. Anyway, thanks for showing me how it can be done with more joy. Blessings, Kimberly
  2. LOL! That's hilarious! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. I actually deleted the comment. I hate being confrontational, but it jumped out at me as I was passing out yogurts to the kids. :-)

  4. "Well, I can't rep you for it, but your post in the About Obama thread was excellent!"


    Thanks for the feedback. The question seemed loaded, but I liked it because it made me think a little.

  5. Hey,


    Do I call you Chucki? Parrothead seems odd, but still quite fun. :-)


    I hope your week goes well, also. I'm doing great because I'm almost read for school this week. Yeah!



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