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We're getting ready to move to Indpls next week from Virginia. I used to live in Zionsville so I know and love the Children's Museum, the canal and zoo. We'll be moving into a home that's been in my husband's family near Garfield Park and looking forward to being so close to downtown (and near formerlyKlemm's brats, too!). The area looks like it has changed a bit. Is it safe for children to play and ride their bikes on the bike paths in that area? Are there homeschool groups meeting nearby? I've read the Indiana laws but what's your practical experience to homeschooling in Indiana. I had received my approval for the year in Virginia, so do I need to contact the IDOE this school year or wait till next fall. Are the public elementary schools receptive to the homeschool student for team sports or are there private or homeschool teams widely available?


Thanks for your help!

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I'm not sure about you're actuall area. We've only lived in Indy for the past 3 years. I still LOVE the Children's Museum. Homeschooling in IN is EASY. You don't have to report to anyone. The only thing we do is keep track of how many days taht we hs. It is suppose to be 180 days a year. We don't even give this to anyone. We just have it just in case someone asks. There are a lot of unschoolers that don't even come close to doing this much school (not that I recommend that:001_huh:)!!! (As you can tell I"m not a fan of that, but it's just my humble opinion.) I'm just pointing out that it is a very easy state as far as homeschooling laws!


There are groups everywhere. There are secular and religious, and many to choose from. We personally don't go to any. I just don't have enough time in the day to add another thing. If you check out http://www.homeschoolclassifieds.com they have a page where you can locate some of the groups. I think the HSLDA also has a listing. HTH, Jen

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Sorry, I forgot about sports. The only town that I think allows hser's to play in the ps sports is Carmel, and they are very pricey as far as house prices. There are a ton of leagues open to the public. Swimming, basketball, soccor, tennis, gymnastics etc. Indy had about 3 or 4 Olympic divers last summer with an Olympic dive coach from one of our local schools and a couple of gymnists too! THat's kind of exciting!

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Yes, homeschooling is easy in IN. . . I always say that (type that) while saying a little prayer!! :tongue_smilie: I know the Garfield Park area. In fact, I have a friend who lives there and homeschools. Her hubby is a pastor at a local church. LMK what ages your kiddos are and maybe we can all hook up so you can meet her (and we can meet).


There are homeschool groups all around (however, since I moved from the southside to the westside a year ago I'm having a horrible time trying to get connected here). There are also lots of hschool sports teams offered around the Indy area.




PM me and we can get more detailed about things.

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Thanks for the replies! We arrived in Indpls last week and have been making daily trips to home improvement stores to work on various home projects on this 1940's home. We're glad to have a nice backyard again--one with a sledding hill and a large blackraspberry bush! Jen-I'm right across the train tracks to Garfield Park which is about 3 miles south of The Circle and about a mile east of Meridian. Sometimes the Indpls Symphony performs there and there is a conservatory where they have/had story time and crafts on Tues., butterfly, and pointsetta exhibits. The connection Indpls has to the Olympics is interesting. A few years ago the newspaper wrote about individuals/teams traveling several states away to Eaglecreek to practice rowing in preparation for the Olympics. Angie--I'll PM you soon. I would very much like to meet up with you and your friend. My older boys just turned 8 and 5 and my youngest son is almost 2. The west side has a nice Upwards Basketball program I wish we were close enough to participate in. In Brownsburg there's a B&O family bicycle ride we plan to sign up for next June. They serve delicious icecream afterwards and have a large wooden play area for the kids to enjoy. I also like the biketrails in Plainfield. They are as nice as the Monon but not as crowded and connect up with the large waterpark and several playgrounds. My oldest son likes to get up just before sunrise and run 1 to 2 miles and wants to sign up for a kids 5K. None of us run. I speed walk. So I'd like to find him a running group or buddy. And since he got his bigger bike he also likes distance cycling. He can do 40 miles with challenging hills but tells me it's a little too easy and I need to find him a longer route. I think he'd like to try the Hilly Hundred ride in Bloomington. The distance is divided among two days and there are various bands playing to welcome you to the rest stops. I don't know good safe bike routes nearby for him to practice on a regular basis. We have a sailboat in Annapolis and my son was just getting to the age for lessons but that may be difficult for us to pursue for now--I'll have to look into that some more.

I look forward to meeting you or hearing more in this forum of ways we can help get connected to other families in central Indiana.

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