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Explode the Code - Quick Question


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My DDs are almost finished with the ETC primers, and I am getting ready to order Book 1 and possibly Book 2. Is the IG really necessary for these books? If so, what do you need it for?


I bought the IG for the A,B,C books and didn't use it except for the "picture" pages.





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The IG gives lots of suggestions to make ETC a complete phonics programs. Hands-on activities, etc....


If you are using ETC by itself, it's nice to have.


It's not necessary. The pictures are usually easy to figure out by the sound you're working on and the activities are very repetitive.


I bought the first IG, but haven't bought any more since I use ETC to supplement.

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They're not necessary, but I do like having them. DD very much enjoys our "just talking" introduction to each lesson. We snuggle up with a whiteboard and go through the post-lesson activities for the last lesson and the pre-lesson activities for the next one. My attempts to draw pictures of key words always makes her (and her little sister) laugh.


Edited to add, you can see sample pages from the IG's on CBD.com. Here's a link to the samples for the ETC 1/2 IG: link.

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