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xpost- Do you ever just feel like you are checking off a list?

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We are about 8 weeks into our new school year. I really am praying to be content, but I feel like we are just checking things off on the to do list most of the time. I find myself telling my 13 yo that it isn't a race! It seems like we are just checking stuff off to get it done and not enjoying the meat of what we are learning. Does anyone else experience this? I am wondering what I can change, if anything. Right now what we do daily is:



Spelling (5-7 minutes per day)


Literature reading- but we don't do narration regularly

History (supposed to be daily, but we sometimes cram 2 days into 1 to catch up)- history is the most time consuming and has the most materials since we are doing Winter Promise Quest for the Middle Ages. I am looking for ways to streamline this even though I already cut some things out!

Bible study/devotions


2-3 times a week:





Once a week:


Skills sheets

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Yes! But I don't have any advice for you, only empathy. The daily checklist is great for me, since my kids know what needs to be done, BUT it's a double-edged sword, because that's ALL they do, and never more. I worked really hard on it over the summer, but now I want to ditch it.

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Our list is not in the same room (keeps ds from checking it) and I don't check each thing off as we do it. Instead, we'll do a little of this and a little of that and then we'll go to the list and check things off (3 or 4 at a time). It seems silly, but it keeps us from focusing on the list, and let's us focus on what we're doing.


Also... I don't have a clock where we do our work. My thought on that is similar to the check list. I don't want time to be our focus. If we're enjoying something, I don't want to feel pressure to move on, because we're falling behind schedule. All the same, if a subject feels like it's gone on too long, I don't want the clock to mock me into completing the time we set aside for it.

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