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We started Homeschooling last Janurary. We started out with using SOTW for history. We got as far as Ancient Egypt, the pyramids and mummies etc. I thought the kids had a good understanding (ages 8,6 and 4 at the time). For a variety of reasons we decided to swtich to VP this year. This program starts out in a similar fashion...using some Bible History stories first and then going into Ancient Egypt. I am surprised by the lack of knowledge (or remembering) that my 2 older kids have of things we talked about last January-Aprilish. Should I be surprised...or is that to be expected of at this age. My children are not that fond of History (I am not either), so I am sure that plays apart of this. I really like VP and don't plan to change...but I was really hoping to skim through the parts that we covered last year..but now think I better not. WHat do you all think???



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I think it is to be expected for the age range. I've been there, done that...as in, started new programs and started again with Egypt. I'd vote for skimming through quickly, maybe highlight one or two important things and then move on. I know it is so tempting to try to cover everything thoroughly, but it can become a big problem when you get burnt out and don't want to teach it. Ask me how I know! ;)


maybe pick 3 things an educated kid should know about Egypt and then move on. Such as how to find it on a map...that upper Egypt is below on the map and lower Egypt is above on that map - many people do not know that, and who built the great pyramid and a little about the circumstances of his rein...Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife.


I'm learning that simple is often better, that the kids will have later opportunity to absorb more at an older age- and that mom seems to be the brightest student in the group.:001_huh:

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