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Two Paint Colors

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Okay, so recently I was asking about paint in my living room. I'm thinking two walls as I figure the other walls will end up a neutral color when I get around to them. Basically, I'm doing color accents for certain walls.


Anyway, so furniture is oak, couch is a cream microfiber sectional. The main wall one can see from livingroom is the one that goes across kitchen and dining area which is a cranberry color. Flooring doesn't matter as I'm going to get that done "one day" (ideally wood or light colored carpet).


So while I walmart, I was looking at paint. I wanted to find a pumpkin pie color and a brown. My daughter picks a pumpkin color but I told her I COOK my pumpkin pie so we found a cooked color. Then when looking for browns (which I just couldn't do well because I don't think the browns I like are the right color for this room), I found this brownish-eggplant color. Though it'll be a different room, in fact, the exact opposite walls of the house, we did check it with the cranberry colors to make sure it wasn't clashing.


So what do y'all think of these:



And if anyone has any suggestions on a brown, I'd appreciate it, but...


(NOTE: Paint will end up being Behr as I LOVE their primer and paint in one paint. SO easy to use!)

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does the room have a lot of light? You didn't mention if you have a lot of windows. Dark colors are nice if you have a lot of light to break them up. We have large windows (Victorian), and dark works well. In fact everytime we go to paint we have to go 2 to 3 shades darker than the color we like in order to work with the amount of natural light we have.


The colors you picked complement each other, even on opposite ends of the house.

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